Great Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool Area

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Great Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool Area

A pool can be a fun place for your family to play, a great place to throw a party or a peaceful oasis where you can spend quality time alone or with a loved one. To get the very most out of your pool area, the right landscaping can make all the difference. Here are some great landscaping tips that will not only make your pool area look great but can be eco-friendly gardening solutions.

Go the Conservative Route: Minimize water usage by opting for plants that can thrive in rocky, dry settings to give your landscaping an all over Mediterranean vibes.

Get Creepy: Creeping plants will work to soften the look of your building materials and add a romantic vibe to your pool area. Phlox is a great choice, especially when combined with tropical plants and flowers that can fill in crevices and corners.

It’s All About the Container: Putting your plant in the right containers can really impact the overall look of your pool area. Low lying, rectangular planters, earthen hardware and unique lawn pavers can work to give off a cool and relaxing vibe which will give your pool tropical appeal.

Go for Overgrown: The ‘bed head’ gardening trend will give your pool area a romantic, purposely overgrown look that can work well on the edges of a cottage pool. Go for pairings of daylilies, hydrangeas and ornamental grass.

Get Those Clean Lines: Sometimes a great pool area is all about simplicity. Although it may seem unlikely, you would be surprised and what clean lines and a flawless lawn can do in giving your pool a luxurious look.

Make it Spa-Like: Herbs are a great, low maintenance option for surrounding your pool area. Herbs like lavender are not only lovely to look at, their fragrant aroma can add a relaxing touch giving your pool a spa-like vibe. Let your herbs grow high to form a beautiful wall around your outdoor oasis.

Hedge the Edge: No matter what you’re using your pool are for, hedges will add privacy and elegance to any occasion.

Make it Exotic: We get much of our landscaping inspiration from Asian countries so why not bring it to the pool area? Clean lines and concrete pavers will set the scene for drought tolerant shrubs, grasses and plants. Finish off the look with Japanese maple trees, bamboo and an Asian style fountain.

Palms for Privacy: Palm trees will provide privacy, shade and a great tropical feel to your pool area. A pebble lined patio and beach chairs will complete the look nicely.

Your pool is one of your home’s most desirable features. Give it the style and elegance it deserves with landscaping that makes it look peaceful and inviting. Then, start planning the relaxing activities you will be enjoying poolside this summer.

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