Spice Up Your Yard with Great Outdoor Accent Lighting

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Spice Up Your Yard with Great Outdoor Accent Lighting

When it comes to dressing up your yard, outdoor accent lighting is the way to go. These lights will not only be a great way to provide illumination outside your home when it is dark out, but the use of the right lights, placed properly, can give your house an attractive look upgrading its curb appeal and making it perfect for outdoor events. It can also be a good way to deter theft!

When thinking of outdoor accent lighting, there are certain lights that will work well and certain materials you will want to use. Start by thinking of your outdoor area as you would any indoor space, thinking of where lighting will work best and spacing lights evenly for optimal illumination. Then choose the type of lighting you think will work best. Here are some great options:

Exterior Wall Lights: These will work well with fenced in areas. Space exterior wall lights evenly using traditional single or double wall lanterns. For added security, hang double wall lanterns beside doors. Provide a modern look by hanging landscape lights flush with the wall.

Ceiling Fixtures: If you have any sort of roof or covering, a ceiling fixture can be installed to provide light to dine by. A landscape chandelier with weather resistant shades will be a perfect choice.

Exterior Table Lamps and Floor Lamps: These can be a great choice for more open spaces where ceiling fixtures and wall lighting may not provide adequate illumination. In this case, table and floor lamps and lanterns can do the trick. Choose lighting with weather resistant shades. Candle lanterns can provide great ambient light while post lanterns can be ideal for lighting the path to your outdoor space.

Install a Dimmer Switch: A dimmer switch can add just the right amount of ambiance to your outdoor space. Controlling the amount of light that’s being emitted can set the tone as romantic or more lively and festive. Here are some basic guidelines on how to install a dimmer switch for your outdoor lighting:

  • Turn off power to switch and put a DO NOT TURN ON sign on the breaker.
  • Remove faceplate from dimmer.
  • Strip insulation from dimmer wires and wires to which dimmer will be connected. Strip a ½ inch from 10, 12 and 14 gauge wires and 5/8 inch from 16 and 18 gauge wires.
  • Use a wire connector to connect green or bare ground wire on dimmer to green or bare copper ground wire in wall box.
  • Use wire connectors to connect 2 dimmer leads to 2 wall box leads.
  • Push wires into switchbox.
  • Mount dimmer to switchbox with 2 screws in center making holes. Make sure dimmer is level.
  • Snap faceplate on and restore power.

These are all great tips to make your outdoor space looking its best. It can be a great place for nighttime events or a quiet place for two. What lighting will you be using to make your yard a lovely haven for your friends and family to enjoy?

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