We specialize in low-maintenance, sustainable landscaping design and construction

When I was asked why I do what I do. I thought about this and the answer is this: I like to help homeowners feel proud of their homes and enjoy outdoor living.

Why choose us?

When you work with us you are working with an honest and hardworking family-owned and operated business. We put our names on the line to make sure you are treated with respect. From the very first meeting to the last day of the project we will be in constant communication with you to ensure that your standards are met.

Happy Clients

It can be difficult to visualise how your garden could look and to work out where to put features and plants for best effect. Our role is to help you do just that.

In the business

At BAYSL, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs, and budget.

Beautiful Blogs

We have spent thousands of hours creating valuable content that helps homeowners maintain and build beautiful yards and gardens. Check out our blog and photo gallery today!

Our mission.

Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping aims to provide clients with exceptional workmanship and customer service. We strive to use sustainable materials on all of our jobs. We promise to treat every home and client with the highest level of respect and compassion. BAYSL will lead the effort in being a socially responsible business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Enjoy more of your home.