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Meanwhile... Please read over our frequently asked questions.

How soon can a job get started? 

Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping employs full-time construction specialist. Once a job has been contracted, our current wait time is between one to two months to start a project. Depending on the time of year, backlogs can vary. Work is performed during normal work week Monday - Saturday 8:30 am - 4 pm. No job can get started without a signed contract and the agreed upon deposit amounts.

What should we as Homeowners do before the job gets started? 

It is a good idea to provide sufficient access to all areas of your home being worked on. This includes moving all potted plants, patio furniture, and tools. If things are too heavy to move, don't worry! We'll take care of it.

What can I expect at the completion of the job in regards to clean up?

Leaving a job clean is very important to us at BAYSL. All materials used during the job will be removed. Our goal is to leave your home looking like new.

Do you break down your quotes so we can see how much each item cost? 

Yes, we provide all clients with an easy to understand the quote. All elements are broken down and priced using our pricing calculator. We follow industry standards when pricing our jobs and work with homeowners to choose the best options to fit their budget. Our pricing is straight-forward and we do offer different payment methods.

Does someone have to be home during the process? 

Not necessarily, but we recommend it. We check in with you on a regular basis and ask that you check on the project at least once a day and provide any questions or concerns as they come up. We don't mind answering questions and making adjustments.

How is payment handled? 

To secure a start date, we require a 10% deposit. The first day the job starts we take a 40% deposit. If the job takes under 1 week, we will take the remaining balance when the job is complete. If it takes longer than 1 week, we will split the 50% into two remaining payments. We accept Paypal, Venmo, Check, or Cash.