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Helping you craft your dream outdoor space and ensuring your absolute joy in the process is our favorite part of what we do!

No Obligation • Friendly Advice

No Prior Knowledge Needed

Our expert team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from planning to completion. Whether you're new to sustainable landscaping or just need a little extra help, we're here for you!

Tailored for Every Property

No two properties are alike, and we understand that. We specialize in creating unique, sustainable landscapes that suit every type of property, regardless of size or location.

Enhance Your Property Value

Sustainable landscaping is a great investment. Not only will you enjoy your outdoor space, but it can also significantly increase your property value.

Transparent Process & Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on our transparency and excellent communication. From initial consultation to project completion, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Effortless Maintenance

Our sustainable landscaping designs are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance. We'll set you up for success with a landscape that's easy to care for and beneficial for the environment.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that budget is a concern, and we work with our clients to create beautiful landscapes that don't compromise on quality while fitting within their financial plans.

Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping

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About Us

Family Owned & Operated Business

Inspired by the scenic beauty of California’s Bay Area, Danny started DH Landscaping in the early 1990s as a landscaping business serving his local community. His love for nature and passion for landscaping continued to grow over the years, so much so that he eventually decided to take his landscaping services one step further and collaborate with his son, Dennis, to create Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping – dedicated to landscaping with an emphasis on sustainability – in 2009. Through this partnership, father and son have been able to combine their landscaping artistry with eco-friendly practices that prioritize environmental conservation, making them a leading landscaper in the Bay Area.

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Why Choose Us

We Treat Your Home Like Our Own

At BAYSL, we recognize that landscaping is a personal responsibility. That’s why we take it personally and believe that each landscaping project should be done to the highest standards of quality. Our family owned and operated business is committed to excellence at every turn. We use only sustainable landscaping practices that protect our environment, plus we want you to be 100% satisfied before the job is finished. We look forward to being your go-to landscaping experts for years to come!

30+ Years Experience

We're passionate about landscaping and it shows in our work.

Family Owned & Operated

You'll love the finished product, we guarantee it.

Dependable Team

We know what we're doing. You can trust us to take care of your home.

How we work

Tech Focused From Start to Finish


Start off each project with an in-person consultation to see if we are a good fit for your project.


Every project is carefully planned by our staff to ensure we have everything we need.


We're staffed and equipped to finish every project we start in a timely manner

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This could include tips for using trees and other plants to shade buildings and reduce energy consumption, as well as information on solar landscaping and other renewable energy options.

This could include advice on natural weed control, alternative grass species, and organic fertilizers.

This could include tips for choosing native plants, designing for wildlife habitat, and using permaculture principles.

This could include information on incorporating green roofs, living walls, and rain gardens into landscaping projects.

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