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We’re the #1 Native Mow Free Grass installers here in the SF Bay Area, ready to help you source and install this drought-tolerant and low-maintenence grass for your home.

About Native Mow Free Grass

At BAYSL, we are committed to promoting sustainable landscaping solutions, which is why we highly recommend Native Mow Free Grass for Bay Area homeowners and businesses. This innovative grass alternative is specifically designed to thrive in our region’s climate while providing exceptional drought tolerance and low-maintenance benefits.

No-Mow Grass Species

Native Grass is a proprietary blend of regionally-adapted wildflower and no-mow grass species that create a lush yet environmentally-friendly ground cover. Its deep root systems allow it to stay green during periods of drought by efficiently utilizing any available moisture. This special mix also requires minimal to no mowing, saving considerable time, effort and resources.

Beyond its practical advantages, Delta Native’s cheerful wildflower blossoms and soft texture provide year-round visual interest. The grasses transition through a beautiful spectrum of greens, golds, reds and purples to complement each season. This naturalistic meadow-like aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any landscape design while attracting birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

Delta Native for Low-Maintenance Lawns

One of the primary applications we recommend for Delta Native Mow Free Grass is for transforming traditional lawns into picturesque, low-maintenance meadows. By removing and replacing water-guzzling turf grass, you’ll conserve resources and reduce your outdoor water usage by up to 70%. Delta Native can be customized for lush green spaces or more ornamental flowering designs.

Instead of weekly mowing hassles and constant overseeding, Delta Native only needs an annual mow in early spring to rejuvenate growth. Its low-profile also eliminates laborious lawn edging. With proper soil preparation by BAYSL’s experts, this sustainable lawn alternative will thrive for years with minimal care required. Enjoy a lush, environmentally-friendly oasis with Delta Native Mow Free Grass installed by BAYSL.

Why Native Mow Free Grass?

Water Conservation Champions

Delta Native's ultra-low water needs reduce outdoor water usage by up to 70% compared to traditional turf grass lawns. Its drought-tolerant nature thrives in the Bay Area's dry, sunny conditions without excessive irrigation.

Low-Maintenance Meadows

This innovative grass blend only requires an annual mowing in early spring, eliminating the weekly mowing and constant overseeding hassles of regular lawns. Its self-sustaining growth habit also ends laborious edging along beds and hardscapes.

Year-Round Visual Interest

With its colorful wildflowers blooming throughout the seasons, Delta Native provides an ever-changing display of cheerful reds, oranges, yellows and purples adorning a lush green meadow. Its dynamic textures attract pollinators for added natural beauty.

Eco-Friendly Landscapes

By replacing thirsty turf grass, Delta Native reduces reliance on fertilizers, pesticides and gas-powered equipment - promoting a healthier, more sustainable environment. Its deep root systems also aid in erosion control and soil quality improvement.

Who is BAYSL?

At Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping (BAYSL), we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional landscaping services. With over 30 years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we strive to make every project as unique and successful as possible. Our clients come back to us time and again for their landscaping needs because of our unparalleled expertise and dedication to satisfaction. We’ve earned many glowing reviews from our customers, proving that BAYSL is the trusted provider for all your bluestone paver needs.

How can BAYSL help?

From start-to-finish, we're here to help you with your decision to install Native Mow Free Grass

Lawn Conversion Consultation

Our landscaping experts will evaluate your existing lawn area and provide guidance on proper site preparation, soil amendments, and planting techniques required for a successful Delta Native installation. We'll also help design the layout and grass blend composition to achieve your desired look.


Professional Installation

BAYSL's experienced installation crews utilize specialized equipment and methods to ensure your Delta Native lawn is properly established from day one. This includes careful soil preparation, precise grading, customized grass hydro-seeding, and monitoring the critical grow-in phase.

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Sustainable Landscape Integration

In addition to converting lawns, we can seamlessly integrate Delta Native into your overall landscape design. Our team can craft drought-tolerant meadows, native grass accents around hardscapes, living ground cover in place of bark mulch, and more.

Why choose BAYSL?

When it comes to transitioning your landscape to the water-wise, environmentally-friendly beauty of Delta Native Mow Free Grass, BAYSL is the premier expert you can trust. Our team has extensive experience working with this specialized drought-tolerant grass blend and upholds the highest standards for quality materials sourcing and installation.

Customized Solutions

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing customized solutions through every step of the process. Our landscaping consultants will take the time to understand your unique needs, analyze your site conditions, and design a meadow or native grass layout that maximizes colors, textures and year-round interest. 

Top Suppliers

We also maintain direct relationships with top native mow free grass growers to ensure your installation uses the freshest, locally adapted seed for optimum results. From soil preparation and hydroseeding to monitoring the crucial grow-in phase, BAYSL’s skilled crews follow meticulous practices to guarantee your new low-maintenance oasis establishes beautifully. Let us transform your vision into an eco-friendly reality with Native Mow Free Grass.

We have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Delta Native is a proprietary blend of low-growing, drought-tolerant wildflowers and grasses native to the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly meadow alternative to traditional turf lawns.

Key benefits include up to 70% less water usage, little to no mowing required, no fertilizers or pesticides needed, and enhanced biodiversity by providing habitat for pollinators.

Only a single annual mow is required each spring to remove last season's growth and allow new blooms. This eliminates the constant, weekly mowing of traditional lawns.

In spring and summer, vibrant wildflowers bloom amongst lush green grasses. By fall, the meadow takes on warm golden hues. During winter, the grasses turn to a natural beige allowing flowers to go dormant.

No, it's completely safe and non-toxic. The soft textures are also pet-friendly underfoot with no prickly seeds.

 Professional installation starts with removing existing turf and preparing the soil. The customized seed blend is then hydroseeded over the prepped area and carefully monitored while established.

With proper installation techniques and typical weather, Delta Native should completely fill in with dense growth within 8-12 weeks during spring/summer plantings.

While installation costs are higher initially, the long-term savings on water, mowing, fertilizers and labor make Delta Native significantly more cost-effective over its lifetime.

Discover How Native Mow Free Grass Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

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