2024 Prestigious Plants: Varieties to Give Your Garden Design the Wow Factor

This year, let’s explore the possibilities of transforming your garden into something truly exceptional with expert garden design. We believe that incorporating on-trend, conversation-starting plants can elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level. These unique and prestigious varieties not only provide visual intrigue but also reflect your sophisticated taste as a homeowner.

Varieties to Give Your Garden Design the Wow Factor

Introduce Vibrant Variegations

We propose moving beyond the realm of monochromatic greenery. Instead, consider dramatic plants with variegated foliage that boasts striking combinations like golden markings and pink veins. This addition will create fantastic contrast in your garden’s overall design. Allow us to introduce you to options like Cornus ‘Golden Shadows’, Hosta ‘Stained Glass’, and Setcreasea ‘Purple Heart’.

Elevate Your Garden with Giant Statement Species

To enhance the architectural interest of your outdoor space, we suggest incorporating supersized species that bring full-throttle visual drama. Imagine the impact of enormous Colocasia ‘Black Coral’ elephant ears, with velvety burgundy-black leaves spanning over five feet. Or let giant Silver Jade plants, towering monster Hydrangeas, or majestic northern Bayberry set off bold statements in your garden’s design.

Add Splashes of Color to Stems

Why restrict vibrant color to petals alone? We have access to on-trend plants that offer rainbow-hued leaf stalks and angular branches. They sport tropical shades, ranging from iridescent chartreuse to deep magenta. Consider incorporating Coleus, Black Lace Elderberry, Ninebark, and Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ to peel a rainbow in your outdoor space’s garden design.

Play with Shapely Silhouettes in Your Landscape and Garden Design

In addition to color and size, the form and texture of a plant can significantly enhance your landscape and garden design. We’d like to introduce you to Spireas, Fatsias, Loropetalum, or strappy Grasses as elements of your outdoor space’s garden design.

Don’t be content with the ordinary; let us guide you in artfully incorporating these hottest heritage plants into your landscape. We’d love to hear your thoughts and preferences, so please share your ideas and favorite plant selections with us. Together, we can create an outdoor space that’s both captivating and uniquely yours, all thanks to the magic of garden design!

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