4 Ways to Coexist With Urban Wildlife in Your Area

Urban areas may seem like concrete jungles, but wildlife finds a way to adapt even in the busiest of cities. As a landscaper focused on sustainable practices, you can take steps to coexist peacefully with the critters who share our urban habitats. Here are four fun ways to do just that!

  1. Provide food and shelter. Installing bird feeders, bird houses, bee hotels, and bushes that produce berries gives wildlife the needed resources. Consequently, this encourages them to stick to these designated areas instead of seeking food elsewhere.
  2. Deter problem animals humanely. Utilize motion-activated sprinklers, predator decoys, and natural repellents made from chili peppers or garlic to keep nuisance wildlife from where they don’t belong. This approach is much better for them than traps or poisons!
  3. Tidy up. Secure trash in wildlife-proof bins and clean up fallen fruit from trees. This simple act removes tempting food sources that encourage animals to hang around where they cause trouble.
  4. Educate others. Spread awareness in your community about respecting urban wildlife through social media or hosting educational events in partnership with wildlife conservation groups. Knowledge fosters empathy and understanding.

By following these tips, we can appreciate the wild creatures who adapt to live among us instead of viewing them as pests. With some creativity and compassion, peaceful coexistence is possible right in our own backyards! Let me know which of these methods you’d like me to expand more on for the next blog post!

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