6 Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Does your home’s landscaping need some TLC? While a lush, well-designed yard looks great from the inside, remember that curb appeal is key. Updating tired gardens and adding eye-catching details will make that vital first impression more welcoming for anyone to come.

6 Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1) Line the Walkway with Bright Planters, Planters, or Sculptures

First, greet your visitors with a burst of color. This can be done with pots overflowing with annual bloomers, ornamental grasses, oversized planters or pieces of yard art.

2) Build a Cozy Front Porch Swing and Install an Inviting Front Door Mat

Second, if you’d like to create an inviting front porch area, consider a classic swing. It invites guests to take a breather and relax, complemented by an oversized plush mat to ground the entryway.

3) Line the Driveway with Solar Path Lights and Plant a Curbside Flower Bed

Third, you can guide guests’ way while establishing a dramatic look by lining the driveway with solar path lights and planting a curbside flower bed filled with cheerful perennials, shrubs, or annuals to soften the foundation, direct the eye, and add multi-season appeal.

4) Include a Mix of Textures and Colors and Install an Architectural Focal Point

In contrast of fine delicate plants, you can incorporate broadleaf evergreens and vegetables. Or you can make a statement by incorporating a bench, fountain, sundial, or birdhouse.

5) Add a Mailbox and Border the Yard with Flowering Shrubs

Keeping in mind the enhancement of curb appeal, coordinate planter boxes, trellises, flower beds, or shrubs around the mailbox, and consider bordering the yard with low-maintenance options like hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons for year-round interest and plenty of curb appeal.

6) Repave or Widen the Driveway and Freshen Up the Lawn

Finally, if you want to create a cleaner, less cramped entry that guides guests in and gives your home a tidy façade, and complement it with a healthy green carpet of fresh lawn with clean edges for a great first impression.


In conclusion, which design will you start with? Simply implementing one can make a dramatic difference. Let’s connect on which tip you’ll try this weekend to give your home a quick (and fabulous!) curb appeal pick-me-up. Happy landscaping!

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