9 Tips on How to Maintain Northern California Lawns

Who doesn’t love lush, thick, vibrant grass you’d swear came straight from a professional ballpark? While it may seem only golf courses and stadiums can cultivate such flawless turf, nearly any homeowner can maintain prize-worthy lawns with some strategic TLC tailored to Northern California climate.

9 Tips on How to Maintain Northern California Lawns

  1. Check and prep the soil. Aerating, amending with compost, and removing thatch buildup allows for better nutrient absorption and drainage. Test and balance pH levels around 6.5-7.
  2. Improve drainage. Fill any low spots and grade the lawn away from the home’s foundation. Top dress with organic material to improve drainage.
  3. Overseed in the fall. Thickening up turf coverage prevents weeds from invading bare areas. Rake lightly before overseeding.
  4. Mow higher. Longer grass blades (3-4 inches) develop deeper roots and crowd out weeds. Never cut off more than 1/3 total blade height when mowing.
  5. Leave the clippings. Let cut grass decompose back into the soil rather than bagging it. Clippings are free fertilizer full of nitrogen!
  6. Fertilize minimally. Overfeeding burns grass and leaches into waterways. Organic fertilizers like compost teas nurture soil microbiology to feed your lawn naturally.
  7. Spot spray weeds. Hit them early before they spread and crowd out grass. Corn gluten meal, a pre-emergent organic herbicide, prevents seed germination between feedings.
  8. Implement smart watering. Water early, soak deeply 2-3 times a week instead of frequent light sprinkles that breed shallow roots. Let soil dry between waterings.
  9. Consider alternatives. Playgrounds, patios, native meadows and rain gardens provide lower maintenance alternatives to water and chemical intensive lawns.

In conclusion, Bay Area lawns thrive with a custom combo of soil prep, overseeding, mowing, clipping, spot weed control, and occasional deep irrigation. Let’s connect today if you need some help growing or replacing your vibrant Northern California lawns!

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