Sustainable Landscaping Materials for Unique Outdoor Spaces Around the Bay

Beyond plants themselves, thoughtfully sourced hardscape materials constitute the bones supporting sustainable residential landscapes around the San Francisco Bay Area. By reusing salvaged items, upcycling discarded artifacts, or selecting eco-conscious products, homeowners diminishes waste flowing to landfills while creating intriguing, one-of-a-kind spaces reflecting their distinct style.

Look first to reuse existing onsite materials when possible. Incorporate concrete rubble, urbanite boulders, downed tree trunks, weathered wood or broken brick remnants into the design either decoratively or functionally. Repurpose old wine barrels, galvanized tubs, or worn farm tools imaginatively as planters.

Upcycle discarded items from neighborhood buy-nothing groups, Craigslist’s free section or garage sales to furnish your specialized landscape vision. Industrial plastic pallets become vertical gardens while a discarded clawfoot tub offers whimsical edge to a succulent bed.

Specify sustainable products like composite lumber containing recycled plastic, reclaimed cedar, locally fired cob pavers, renewable bamboo screens or organic compost when needing newly purchased materials. Support companies diverting waste from landfills through creative reuse.

Sourcing salvaged items, upcycled artifacts and consciously produced products to frame sustainable plantings helps Bay Area spaces feel as unique as each homeowner while treading lightly on the earth. What are your best tips for selecting distinctive sustainable landscape materials? Share you go-to resources below!

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