Unique Sustainable Landscape Design in the Bay Area: Patterns, Textures and Color

Unique Sustainable Landscape Design in the Bay Area: Patterns, Textures and Color

Express your distinct style through creative variations of color, textures and patterns layered artfully together within thoughtfully planned, sustainable regional gardens.

Vivid Hues

Paint soil level tapestries by massing sweeps of colorful perennials like coral California poppies, golden black-eyed Susans or cobalt Russian sage. Contrast fine silver santolina foliage with chartreuse bushes, burgundy shrubs and black mondo grass.

Alluring Textures

Mingle smooth, waxy leaves with fuzzy lamb’s ear, spiky aloes, tall wispy grasses and lacy ferns. Allow golden Angelina sedum, purple fountain grass and bright Emerald creeper to spill freely over walls, boulders and pathways.

Intriguing Patterns

Lay classic patterns by repeating plants within beds, employing strong geometric shapes, or crisscrossing winding paths. Use varied stone, bricks, gravel or pavers to form zigzags, arcs and concentric borders stamped or paved into the soil.

Thoughtful Design

Strategically site regional natives and Mediterranean plants according to sun, soil, irrigation needs and desired aesthetics. Repeat appealing color combos, plant partnerships, hardscapes and textures unified through cohesive styles within different garden rooms.

Sustainable Bay Area landscapes thrive when crafted around holistic placement of climate suitable elements unified aesthetically by compelling colors, forms and designs uniquely personalized to the space and homeowners’ style. How do you incorporate distinctive patterns, textures and palettes using regional plants? Please share your design insights below!

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