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What is sustainable landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping focuses on using native plants, eco-friendly materials, and water-efficient irrigation systems to reduce water consumption, promote biodiversity, and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Why Sustainable Landscaping in Oakland

Are you tired of seeing weeds take over your yard? How about looking outside and seeing space that you wish you could use for enjoying the beautiful Bay Area weather? If you want to have an outdoor living space that is simple, beautiful, and affordable, let’s connect.

Sustainable Landscaping is for you if you care about

  • Native California Plants
  • Pollinators 
  • Drought-Tolerant gardens
  • Low-Maintenance landscaping
  • Destroying weeds!
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What We Build

30 Years of Experience Building in Oakland




Wood Craftsmanship

Landscaping with Native Plants

Low-Maintenance Landscape

What is the Design-Build Framework

Based on our experience we find that the Design-Build framework works best for a successful outdoor landscaping project.

Here’s how it works:

  • You know you want your yard to be low-maintenance and sustainable
  • Your problem is that you don’t know what materials work best for your yard
  • We provide you with the guidance and plan you need

And then?

At BAYSL, we understand the importance of staying within budget while delivering a high-quality, sustainable outdoor space. With a meticulous approach to project management and cost control, we ensure that your landscaping project moves swiftly and efficiently without compromising on the quality of materials or workmanship.

Why Design-Build Always Win

Design-build companies offer homeowners a seamless and all-encompassing solution to their landscaping needs by integrating design and construction services into a cohesive and efficient process. By centralizing the project management under one entity, homeowners benefit from streamlined communication, reduced decision-making complexity, and a clear line of accountability throughout the entire project. This unified approach not only saves time and minimizes disruptions but also ensures that the homeowner’s vision is translated cohesively from concept to completion, resulting in a transformative outdoor space that reflects their style, values, and functional requirements with precision and expertise.

Projects in Oakland


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Frequently Asked Questions

We're located in San Lorenzo and we work in the East Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco.

Our minimum project size is $600.

Our maximum project size is $25,000

We've been in business for over 30 years. Licensed in California and worked on over 1000 projects. 

All project require some level of design work. Our most basic service is a mood board that doesn't cost you anything. It helps align the vision.

BAYSL is here to provide you with material samples and installation.

We don't provide monthly maintenance. We are not a good fit for small clean-up jobs. Our labor cost can't justify small jobs. 

We accept cash, cards, venmo, zelle.

Lets design & Build Your Oakland Outdoor Living Space

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