What is a landscape architect

If you aren't sure what you want, or if your grand plan requires changing the lay of the land, you may need to work with a landscape architect.

When your goal is for your outdoor living spaces to be as beautiful as your home's interior, it pays to work with a professional. Landscape architects train for years to learn the art of creating visually interesting and meaningful open-air spaces that enhance the environment and promote well being of people.

As Sara Bendrick, host of DIY Network's I Hate My Yard, puts it,

"Landscape architects have the unique ability to combine environmental factorsclients needs and material choices to create personal and functional outdoor spaces."

Together, you can turn your property into your own personal oasis that helps you forget about the cares of the world.

A landscape architect must have a state license and will have trained extensively not only in the design, arrangement, and construction of land and water elements but also in the architecture of what is known as hardscape – pools, fountains, arbors, and retaining walls.

If you're wondering what makes these professionals such an important part of developing a cohesive landscape, you aren't alone. Many homeowners who would never consider having a home built without an architect assume they can DIY the simpler elements of yards and gardens and work directly with contractors on more complex things like water features.

Working with a landscape architect costs money but you may find you save money in the long term because your outdoor improvement plans are more logical and more cohesive, and your architect can help you maximize your budget.

In the end, working with a landscape architect can be the deciding factor – are your outdoor living spaces simply comfortable or are they extraordinary?